If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.
Georgia O'Keeffe





I could not agree more with Georgia O’Keeffe when she said, “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” For me, painting is the best way to express my environment, thoughts and feelings. I discovered this during my art studies in college, and my life was forever changed. This has remained the main motivation for my work.

My style has changed greatly from my college days, but the intense need to create has not. Today, via paint, bold color, and abstract shape I am able communicate my thoughts and surroundings. I am typically drawn to bright, whimsical colors.

Abstract painting allows me the autonomy to follow my intuition, whether the starting point is a photograph of a landscape, an aerial map of farmland, or a color palette taken from a fashion magazine. My work is personal, yet accessible.






1992 - University of Kansas, BFA Art History

2000 - San Francisco State University, Multi-subject Elementary Teaching Credential

2001 - San Francisco State University, MA Multicultural Education


January 2014 - First Unitarian Church Gallery, Solo showcase, // Omaha, NE

February 2014 - RAW artist "Awakening" // Omaha, NE

February 2014 - Drips Gallery, group show "Lovesong" // Council Bluffs, IA

February 2014 - Smiling Turtle Art Spot, group show "Small Image" // Omaha, NE

June 2014 - Julia Russell Designs, solo showcase // Omaha, NE

Fall 2014 - Artist INC Live Omaha fellow 

April 2015 - After school Arts Program teacher, Omaha Creative Institute

May 2015 - Public Art Installation, "Spreading Our Roots: A Community Art Celebration Featuring the Trees of Midtown" // Omaha, NE

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contact: deniselevy@gmail.com

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